Our History

Minute Mentoring® is an idea born out of necessity. Young women are hungry for advice from professional women and professional women want to offer guidance and assistance by sharing their experiences. Minute Mentoring® brings the two together in an efficient and effective way.

Minute Mentoring® makes it happen…in just minutes!

Founded in 2009 by former White House Press Secretary Dana Perino; Dee Martin, a Partner at Bracewell LLP; and Jamie Zuieback, US PR Director at Latham & Watkins LLP, Minute Mentoring® is a is a fast-paced mentoring session—akin to speed dating—for women leaders and young women rising stars.

To date, we have reached thousands of women at events across the country from New York City to Seattle, Washington to Dallas, Texas. Past Mentors have included top corporate women, U.S. Senators and Representatives, and high-profile women in media.

At Minute Mentoring® events, Mentors meet with five sets of three Mentees for rapid-fire advice sessions.   Each Mentor, seated at a table, imparts three tips for success to her group of three Mentees. The tips serve as a starting point for discussion during the remaining time. After ten minutes, the Mentees move to the next Mentor, and each Mentor will be joined by three new Mentees. The formal mentoring event lasts for about one hour, and is followed by a networking reception.